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Glimmers of Hope
Farmers in a field of brilliant green crops.

Amid the doom and gloom of the latest climate change news, “good stuff” often escapes the radar. Innovations are taking place to support small scale farming – and some of them are captured in this story.

Five Foods Affected by Climate Change
A cow in a barn.

The latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is renewing concerns about global food production. Here are five foods National Geographic says will be harder to grow in a warmer world.  

Growing Empowerment
Chandra GC with her two children.

A few years ago Chandra had no farming experience. Today, she is the local go-to person for agricultural advice in her Nepalese town. Read how Chandra and women in her community are growing empowerment in their own backyards.  

GM Alfalfa on Hold… For Now

Alarm over the proposed commercial release of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa in Eastern Canada this spring has been growing for months. This week the US based seed company wanting to sell it opted for a delay.

These Kids Made Our Day!
The Harris children, Dorothy, Peter and Mary.

We are often inspired by the many personal handwritten notes from our donors. But last month, we received a pretty special one from a young Alberta farming family that we just had to share.

Senegal Seed Exchange
Seed Fair

Seed fairs –Seedy Saturdays – take place across Canada every winter. But did you know that this is also part of much larger and ancient global tradition?

Diversity Decline Threatens Food Security

Fewer crop species are feeding the world than 50 years ago. A major culprit: our dependency on an increasingly homogenized global diet that neglects important nutritious crops. Read More…

Ethiopian Seed Banking Under Threat
MDG : Teff is ground to make flour for injera, a yeast-risen flatbread popular in Ethiopia

This story in The Guardian features the work of our partner in Ethiopia, and their worries about how the G8 agriculture initiative, with its emphasis on the commercialization of agriculture, will affect small farmers and seed banking. Read More…

Check out our Funky New R4B Video

Hot off the presses, Canadians from coast to coast are in the race to save biodiversity!

There are races in 7 cities this year. Sign up for a race near you at

How will we Feed Everyone?!

Scientists estimate there will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050; feeding them won’t be an easy task. Farmers already struggle with erratic weather patterns, decreasing fresh water supplies, and degraded soils.

Through our Seeds of Survival program, however, farmers and scientists are already working side-by-side, testing practical, low-cost solutions to overcome these challenges. The farmers we support are rolling up their sleeves and figuring out how to get it done.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading some of their stories in this year’s issue of Jottings newsletter: How to Feed the world. is Here! is a terrific new resource – an online portal on seeds, biodiversity, and food – packed with information about where our food comes.

The heart of is an interactive map that lets you visit hundreds of case studies around the world where agricultural biodiversity originated, is threatened, and where people are working to safeguard it. Check it out!