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Run for Biodiversity!

Help us Go WILD for Food and Farmers in 2014
Check out our new R4B VIDEO below!!!!






Are you a Runner or Walker (or Skier or  Snowshoer)?
Looking for a way to have some healthy fun with family or friends, and make a contribution to a cause you believe in?  Then R4B may be just the right thing for you.

Run for Biodiversity has expanded to 7 cities: if you’re a runner, walker, skier or snowshoer we invite you to join our R4B Team of Fundraising Volunteers!

Here’s our 2014 R4B plan:

If you’re looking for a healthy way to get involved, email David Rain at for more details. Want to organize your own Ski or Swim or Bike for Biodiversity event? Let’s talk.

Why Run for Biodiversity?
Each May 22, USC joins millions of people around the world in celebrating International Biodiversity Day, as well as World Food Day on Oct 16.

Biodiversity is all about food and farmers. It’s the earth’s life-support system, and nature’s brilliant insurance policy against disaster. If something fails, there’s a back-up plan: Biodiversity! Much is at stake for us all, and in a real sense, USC is helping farmers plant the Seeds of our very Survival

Thanks for Making a Difference!
Thanks to your generous support, USC Canada is able to help farmers grow more food for their families, in ways that our kind to the environment and nurture biodiversity.

6 Responses to “Run for Biodiversity!”
  1. gm says:

    I would like to join r4biodiversity in Calgary or close to this city. Thank you very much!

  2. I would like to share and learn through r4biodiversity in Bangladesh.

  3. Julia Burgess says:

    do you have a twitter handle? Id’ rather tweet than email the info out?

  4. Julia Burgess says:

    Do you have a twitter handle?

  5. USC Canada says:

    Hi Julia,

    We do have a Twitter handle. It’s @USCCanada.

    Thanks for spreading the word!

  6. michael powell says:

    I’d like to sign up for toronto

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