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What You Can Do

Buy organic when you can

When you buy organic food, you’re supporting a farmer who uses natural methods to control pests and increase soil fertility. Organic food contains no residual pesticides or chemicals from fertilizers. Organic food tastes better. Compare a conventionally farmed carrot and an organic carrot. Wow, what a difference!

Buy local when you can

When you buy food that has been grown locally, you’re supporting local farmers and creating demand for what they grow. You’re buying food that hasn’t traveled very far (reducing pollution from transport) and eating food that’s in season.

Buy fair trade when you can

When you buy fairly traded food, you’re supporting a producer who farms sustainably, maintains fair labour practices, and received a fair price for the product.

Here are a few other things you can do:

  • Read the labels – know what’s in your food
  • Learn to cook from scratch – It’s not as difficult or time consuming as you might imagine, and the results are waaaay healthier than over-processed foods.
  • Share this video and this website.
  • Organize a film night - we have some great films available through USC Canada, just contact us for details.
  • Support small-scale farmers around the world – Donate to USC Canada.

Hungry for More?

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