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Beans: Soldier Beans

Hope Seeds


Hope Seeds & Perennials (HSP) is based in the well-kept secret of Knowlesville, NB. Many of their seeds have been traced back to seed catalogues from the late 1800’s. Their seeds are all open-pollinated and they encourage you to save seeds for next year and share with friends.

Soldier Beans:Ths traditional dry bean is still common for folks in the Maritimes that cook baked beans.  The red marking around the hilum, when held vertically, is said to resemble a an old soldier in uniform when they used to wear those massive fur helmets.p>

Planting Instructions
Plant beans about an inch deep and approximately 2-3 inches apart. Once the seedlings begin to develop true leaves, the plants can be thinned to 6 inches apart. If the area you are in stays quite humid, allow more space between the plants for better airflow.

Seed Saving Tips

Some bean varieties (especially runner beans) are more likely to cross pollinate and should therefore be isolated by not planting other bean varieties nearby.  French beans, on the other hand, and less likely to cross pollinate and can be located within 2-4 meters of other bean varieties.

Select seeds from the healthiest looking plants.  Allow the pods to mature and dry brown before harvesting.  If frost threatens, pull the entire plant from the ground and hang in a cool, dry location until pods are brown.  Pods are ready to open when beans rattle inside.

Open the pods by hand and remove the bans.  Large chaff can be removed by hand by winnowing. Once out of the pod, allow the beans to dry for at least two weeks before storing.

Store seeds in an airtight container. Well-dried seeds stored in a cool, dry place should retain germinability for three years. Remember to label the seeds with the variety and date.

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